Random Musings Part 1- ghatAkAsha and mahAkAsha

Take the example of an empty vessel kept in an empty space. The space inside the vessel-Ghataakasha and all the entire space outside it-Mahaakaasha. Ghataakaasha is different from Mahaakaasha as long as “Ghata” the Vessel is there. Ghata is the entity that is seperating the both. Ghata is the Upadi, the aspect limiting the Ghataakaasha. The moment Ghata is destroyed, no difference remains.

Similarly, Jiva is Ghataakaasha and Brahman is Mahaakaasha. The upadhi is Avidya, the shakti/quality which makes Jiva think he is different from Brahman. The moment Avidya is removed, Jiva and Brahman becomes One. In other words, the moment the perception of separation is removed, Knowledge of One dawns.

Further, Space inside vessel can see/view only a limited expanse of Mahaakaasha. Just like a frog inside well can only see limited expanse of sky being surrounded by the well on all four sides. Similarly a Jiva is able to look into a limited aspect of Brahman as it being limited by Avidya. This limited aspect/expanse which a Jiva sees is Jagat.

Jagat is Mithya does not mean it does not exist, it only means that its real nature is not what appears. And the appearance is temporary where as true nature is eternal. Just like the case of Gold ring and Gold necklace.

So, it is Brahman by his Shakti of Avidya/Maya creates/manifests Jiva’s and make the Jiva’s think that they are seperate from Brahman, then reveals only a small expanse of Brahman which Jiva perceives as Jagat due to Avidya but also the Jiva feels the presense of an infinite expanse of Mahaaakaasha invisible to him this again happens due to the work of Maya- the Shakti of Brahman.


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