Random Musings Part 2- Desires and KaLi

Where there are desires, there is No KaLi; Where there is KaLi, there cannot be any desires. To cling to desires, give up KaLi, to cling to KaLi, give up all desires. KaLi is the destroyer of desires, the very embodiment of detachment. Desires are like Multi-storey buildings. The moment KaLi keeps even a foot near it, the building comes crashing down.

Most people live in the world of desires. For them KaLi is only a name and a form. They are always running behind desires. Few among them, will catch a glimpse of her face by her grace. Some will forget the vision soon. But few will be filled with the bliss of that one glimpse.They will keep trying to catch the glimpse once again. As long as people live in duality, there is only one way to reach kaLi-give up desires.

These people who want to catch her glimpse again will keep surrendering their desires at her feet only nurturing the desire to see her. Once, all the desires are burned up in the fires of sadhana and only the last desire to cling to mother remains, will Kali come to them and take them in her lap.

But, to be truly be with her, one must give up even this desire to be with her. Only then, will they be able to experience the true  love of KaLi. Very few among them, climb down from this state sent by mother herself to play a part in her lila. Such people do not see desires as different from detachment. For them, every desire is a manifestation of KaLi herself. Their desire will be KaLi’s desire. Their Will will be divine Will.


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