Random Musings Part 7- Sequence of Study of Vedas

The Karma-Khanda portion is prescribed for people in Pravritti Marga, i,e people who still have desires left. Those who have desires-to enjoy world,to go to devaloka, to go to the ancestors etc come under pravritti Margis.

Pravritti margis are those who even though have desires r practising Dharma.They are the householders.So, Karma Anushtana as prescribed in Brahmanas are for them.

Such people can achieve Mukti gradually over many lifetimes through Kramamukti.In Kramamukti,people go to realms of Ishta Deity or to Brahmaloka n stay their till end of Kalpa and at end of Kalpa, they achieve Mukti. This is called Krama Mukti- the path for Pravritti margies.But, then some people desire Moksha will living.

Such people practice KarmaAnushtana and Apara Bhakti in Nishkama way-by giving karmaphala n ahamkara. Such practice of Nishkaama Karma with Samarpana Bhava leads to Chitta Shuddhi- purification of mind. This chitta shuddi makes such person develop Viveka,vairagya etc,competancies to study Upanishads.Hence, traditionally the sequence of teaching is Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka and Upanishad.


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