Random Musings- Part 11- Maya

Maya or the Power of Brahman (i.e. Brahman through Maya) manifests the Universe in two stages. In the first stage, a Jiva is made to think that he is different from Brahman, that it is an enjoyer, a subject etc, due to “Non-Apprehension” of Reality. This non-apprehension of reality is the Limitation of Cause. This state is variously called as Mula-Prakriti, Karana Brahman, Unmanifested source etc which is engulfed only by the Limitation of cause- There is neither apprehension of Reality nor apprehension of Non-reality.

Then, the Jiva ‘thinks’ that he the cause, he is the enjoyer and from there projects the objective Universe, the objects of his enjoyment. This manifestation of Subtle and Physical Universe ( i.e. Karya Brahman) is caused due to a further Mis-apprehension of Reality i.e. assuming the world/Jagat to be Real and Eternal. Hence, the world is limited by both Non-apprehension of Reality and Apprehension of Unreality as Real, Temporary as Eternal.This is the limitation of Cause and Effect. Hence, the Maya acts in two stages- Non Apprehension of Reality and Mis-apprehension of Reality.


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