Random Musings- Part 16- MahaKaLi,MahaLakshmi & MahaSaraswati

Nithin Sridhar



The Great Goddesses by Pratyasha Nithin

MahaKali, MahaLakshmi & MahaSaraswati represent Kriya Shakti, Ichha Shakti and Jnana Shakti.

Hence,a worship of KaLi is Karma Anushtana -performing one’s material and spiritual duties. Material duties includes duty towards family,society,nation and humanity and living life by tenets of truth, non violence,self control etc. Spiritual duty refers to performance of rituals and sadhana like homam, japa, tarpana etc.This Karma-Anushatana that involves worship of Fire/Agni helps one to burn away one’s blocking Karmas and help in purifying mind. Our mind is impure due to passions like anger, delusion, lust,pride etc that block one’s spiritual path. By practicing Sadhana & performing Karmas as prescribed in Shastras one would get rid of these internal enemies & hence purify their mind. Hence, such a worship of KaLi, in the form of Karma Anushtana destroys all the demons (the passions) present inside everyone.

Such, a purified mind free from passions would be able to practice one pointed concentration and devotion. This performance of Meditation & devotion on Ishta Devata is called as Upasana that results in generation and utilization of Ichha shakti. Hence,worship of Lakshmi in the way of Upasana would lead to complete withdrawal of mind & senses from external objects termed Ekagra-Chitta. A person by such worship of KaLi and Lakshmi by practice of Karma and Upasana would develop Chitta Shuddhi & Ekagra-Chitta.

Only this person with purified & one pointed mind will be truly able to worship Maha-Saraswati. Worship of Saraswati is the practice of Jnana Sadhana also called as Para-Bhakti or Sravana Chatushtaya. Jnana Sadhana includes sravana/hearing, manana/internalizing, Nidhidhyasa/contemplation which would ultimately lead to Atma-Jnana. Saraswati is Knowledge personified. She is the bestower of Ultimate Jnana and Moksha. Hence, worship of Saraswati in the form of Jnana Sadhana would lead a person to Alma-Jnana and Moksha. It is symbolic of this that, the first 3 days of Navratri KaLi is worshiped, then the Lakshmi and finally Saraswati on last 3 days.


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