Random Musings-Part 34- “Ananda”

Nithin Sridhar

The state of Jnana or Moksha is described as “Ananda/Bliss”. Brahman/God itself is described as Sat-Chit-Anand. But, what is Ananda or Bliss here? Is it merely Sukha/Happiness? or is it merely an absence of dukka/sorrow?

Moksha means attainning oneness with Brahman (Brahma-Aikyam) by realizing that Brahman alone exist (Brahman Satyam). Hence, Brahman or this state of Jnana/Turiyam is described in the Upanishads as “Advaitam” meaning “Without two or without duality”.

The root cause of all sorrows is duality. Only, when there is a second entity does one get to compare the first entity with the second. And this invariably leads to jealosy, pride or frustration. The perception of duality is the source of both sukha and dukka. A person identifies happiness with pursuit of wordly objects. Name, fame, money, pleasures etc are the objects that a person mistakes to be a source of his happiness. This identification leads him to a never ending chase of wordly desires which has only one result- Sorrow.

Hence, Ananda or Bliss is not the wordly pleasures one derives temporarily on the fulfillment of worldly desires. But, Ananda is definetely a state of absence of Sorrows, but here the absence is forever. On attaiment of a mere “Sukha”, a person may think that he is happy and he is devoid of any sorrows. But, such a feeling is only temporary. But, Ananda is a state of Absolute Permanent Bliss. The bliss is permanent because the root cause of sorrows namely the duality is absent. The state of Moksha or Brahman is Anandam itself because it is Advaitam. “Ananda” is not an object to be perceived or enjoyed, it is the  very nature of the objectless subject itself. A person on attaining a state of bliss becomes bliss itself.


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