Random Musings- Part 35- Jnana and Bhakti

Nithin Sridhar

1. Jnana is not contradictory to Bhakti. In fact, without Bhakti there can be No-Jnana.

2. Bhakti has two stages- Apara or Dvaita Bhakti that leads to mental purification and Para or Advaita Bhakti that leads to Atma-Jnana.

3. It is for this reason that Adi Shankara calls Bhakti as the most important tools to attain Moksha.

4. Without Bhakti, there can be no surrendering, no grace from Ishwara. Without this, there can be no destruction of passions like lust etc.

5. Hence, the first stage of Bhakti that constitutes Upasana & svadharma leads to Chitta-Shuddhi & Vairagya.

6. Then, the second stage of Bhakti which is nothing but “Self-Enquiry/Atma Vichara” leads one to Atma-Sakshatkara or Moksha.

7. Hence, Bhakti is not contradictory to Jnana but is inevitable to attain Jnana. In fact, Para-Bhakti is Non-different from path of Jnana (termed as Vichara).


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