Isha Upanishad-3- The meaning of tyakta/tyaaga

Nithin Sridhar

1. In the previous post, I mentioned about the first mantra of ‪‎Isha Upanishad‬ that declares  “God Inhabits/covers here whatever is in Universe”

2.The 2nd line of the mantra says- tena tyaktena bunjitaha- “renounce them & enjoy”

3.The question is- What should one renounce and what should one enjoy?

4.The term Tyakta means renunciation. It refers to renunciation of desires &attachments, of sense of doership & of false identifications.

5. The Brhadaranyaka Upanishad‬ speaks about 3 kinds of desires- for progeny, for wealth & for attaining worlds.

6. Without renouncing desires one cannot overcome attachments to worldly objects.

7. With renunciation of desires & attachment comes Vairagyam-dispassion.

8. Dispassion leads to renouncing of fruits of action & the sense of doer-ship of action.

9. With the fall of doer-ship of actons, the false identification of the Self/Atman with the body & mind begins to fall.

10.One will realize that the body & mind are nothing but super-impositions of Non-Self entities on Real-Self/Atman that exists in Hrdaya.

11. By the renunciation of false identification with body & mind, one gets established in Hrdaya- the seat of Atman.

12. Ananda or Bliss is the very nature of Atman. Hence, by attaining Hrdaya, one attains Anandam.

13. Hence, IshaUpanishad is saying that, by renouncing false-identifications, one must enjoy the bliss in being established in Atman.

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