Isha Upanishad- 4- The meaning of “Isha”

Nithin Sridhar

1. IshaUpanishad gets its name because it starts with the words “isha vAsyam idam sarvam”.

2. The term “Isha” means Ishwara or Lord. It refers to the One who controls the Universe.

3. It’s interesting to note that, IshaUpanishad does not use the term Atman or Brahman in mantra,instead uses term “Lord”

4. The usage of “Lord” signifies that Brahman is that which creates, controls & destroys the Universe.

5. Hence, usage of term Isha signifies that Brahman is not only Witness of Universe, but also a participant in it.

6. In fact Brahman is the controller & sustainer of the Universe. Universe cannot exist apart from him.

7. Further, this usage of God as Lord or controller can be understood at different levels.

8.Lord may refer to Ishwara (associated with Maya) also called as Karana Brahman tht is source of manifested Universe .

9. It may refer to Hiranyagarba or Karya Brahman, the first born who creates all the three worlds.

10. “Isha” may also refer to Thumb-sized Purusha,inner-controller who is seated in Hrdaya of all beings.

11. Isha Upanishad is trying to say that at dawn of Jnana, whatever be object of worship, it is understood to be non-different from Brahman.

12. What is considered as Ishwara who is distinct from Jiva & Jagat is realized as being Brahman who alone exists.

13.At dawn of Jnana, the distinction of Jiva, Jagat, Ishwara ceases,and Brahman alone is perceived in all the three.

14. Hence, Upanishad says, Isha Vasyam idam sarvam,The Lord alone is understood as being inhabiting/covering all the objects.

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