Isha Upanishad-4- The meaning of “bunjita”

Nithin Sridhar

1. The first mantra of instructs that a person must “renounce and enjoy”

2. Here, the renouncing refers to renouncing of attachments and false identifications of Self/ with & .

3. So, what should one Enjoy by renouncing false identifications?

4. The term used in the mantra is “bunjita/ or enjoying”. It refers to being established in Ananda or of .

5. This becoming established in  whose nature is  is being referred as “enjoying”.

6. From standpoint of or , is a state of that one should aim to attain.

7. From standpoint of , it is Non-Dual Whole. It is in its wholeness without false limitations. is its svarupa.

8. One can attain this or by first separating Self from Non-Self super-impositions of .

9. Then, realizing as Infinite Whole which is Non-Dual yet appears through as duality of subject-object.

10. Hence, instructs that one must enjoy the of by being established in Atman, by renouncing false identities.

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