Random Musings-Part 40: Notes on Shiva

By Nithin Sridhar
1. #Shiva means “auspiciousness” or mangala. But, what is mangala? That without duality is mangala.
2. Duality implies incompleteness and hence inauspisiousness. Hence, #Shiva is one who is non-dual truth.
3. The world, which is rooted in duality of subject and object implies incompleteness, because both cannot exist without the other.
4. And because of this incompleteness, world is forever changing, ever trying to reach perfection but not attaining it.
5. As a result, this world born of Avidya, is filled with misery. There is Sukha, there is Duhkha, but there is no Ananda.
6. Thus, the world is not auspicious. The opposite is #Shiva, Brahman who is birthless, changeless Sat-chit-ananda which is always mangala
7. But, is world separate from Shiva ultimetely? Can world have any existance without Brahman? Answer is No
8. Brahman alone exist and it is Brahman which appears as world through its #Shakti also called Maya.
9. Thus, #Shiva and #Shakti are inseparable whole. #Shiva is shaktiman with Shakti and is shava without Shakti.
10. It is this Shiva, this Brahman, which appears as #Shiva of Trimurti overseeing destruction.
11. It is this #Shiva, who appears as as #Mahakala causing dissolution, as #Dakshinamurthy granting liberation
12. As #Dakshinamurthy, Shiva is Guru, Ishwara and Atman and hence, denotes the most auspicious of all forms of #Shiva.

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