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New Book “Musings on Hinduism”

My new book “Musings on Hinduism” is now available for purchase both as Paperback and as Kindle E-book.

The book includes a number of my writings on a variety of topics, especially related to General Hinduism, Vedanta, and Challenges facing Hindu society. It also includes a translation and commentary on few Hindu texts.


Book: Musings on Hinduism

Author: Nithin Sridhar

Indian Edition (Both Paperback & Kindle):

International Edition (Kindle):

International Paperback:

Excerpt from a review on Amazon: “The author has started with simplification of the difficult ‘Vedanta’ definition down to translation of select Sanskrit verses, and miscellaneous musings on popular misconceptions. To a lay reader, this presents a highly readable medley of the author’s perceptions that are culled from authentic texts.”

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