Archive | June 11, 2017

Random Musings- Part 41: On Cows & Bulls!

Just as Dharma is compared to a Bull, the mother earth, the nature is compared to a Cow. And this Bull of Dharma looses one leg with each passing Yuga and stands on one leg alone in Kaliyuga. Correspondingly, the Cow, which denotes Bhoomi Devi, is subjected to more and more abuse, exploitation and harassment.

Should we then understand that by hurting cows, the manifestation of mother earth, by slaughtering them, eating them, we are committing a far greater Adharma than what we understand? Are we committing Matru-Hatya by committing Go-Hatya? That too of the Mother Earth, the nature which nourishes everything and not just a human mother? Is “cow” an important link in the ecological balance, we are yet to realize? And since, Mother is considered the first Guru, we are also guilty of “Guru Hatya”!

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